Dr. Nooshin Sabeti has a strong belief in making a personal
contribution to others. This outlook has always driven her busy and
impressive career as she has improved the lives of many
individuals as a Licensed Marriage, Family and Child
Psychotherapist, a
School Psychologist, and The President and
Founder of “Inner Peace for Life,” a Life and Executive Coaching

She holds a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology, a
Master of Science degree in Educational Psychology, and a Ph.D. in
Clinical Psychology.
In addition, Dr. Sabeti currently hosts two live TV shows, “Inner Peace” and “Search for Meaning,” viewed weekly by
millions of Iranians all over the world via satellite. “Inner Peace” focuses on Dr. Sabeti’s professional responses to
viewer questions regarding psychological and societal problems or concerns. “Search for Meaning” is an interview
program that features as guests, people from many varied walks of life, speaking about their personal philosophies,
the deeper reasons they chose the profession, craft or art they did, and essentially how they became who they are.
Dr. Sabeti has also hosted her own daily radio program in Los Angeles, “Future Makers,” that examined many of the
same types of issues.

Other areas of great personal concern for Dr. Sabeti are the importance of education for all children, the institution
of the family, and conscious child-rearing. To those ends, since 1983, Dr. Sabeti has been well known for
coordinating informative seminars pertaining to parenting and family issues.  These seminars primarily center
around panel discussions between psychologists, doctors and other professionals in the field.

As a
School Psychologist, Dr. Sabeti has had the privilege of working with students from Kindergarten through
twelve grade in the California public Elementary, Middle and High Schools. In the course of her years working in the
field, she has gained much training and experience conducting, evaluating, and reporting findings of important
psychological tests including those identifying IQ, various learning disabilities, behavioral concerns,  ADD and ADHD.

Along with these impressive accomplishments, Dr. Sabeti is the former (1989-1992) President and Director of Young
Stars Gym and Arts, an excellent Enrichment Center for children, youth and their parents. The center featured more
than 20 programs such as gymnastics, drawing, music, dance, drama, Mommy and Me classes, computer skills,
parenting and other educational seminars.

Dr. Sabeti is currently providing psychotherapy and Marriage, Family and Child counseling in her office located in
Beverly Hills, California or by Skype and phone therapy. She is an excellent resource for all those in the Los Angeles
Persian community and also for all those in the larger community who wish to improve their life situation and of
those around them.
Dr. Sabeti Provides Psychotherapy And Life Coaching In Her
Beverly Hills Office
By Phone And Skype Anywhere In The World
Meet Dr. Sabeti